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Be A Part of Mountain Top Flea Market Family

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Top Flea Market!

There are several ways you can be involved with the market. From selling once in a while to becoming a weekly/monthly dealer.

Spending your Sunday at Mountain Top Flea Market is a sure way to enjoy an afternoon of making deals, friends, and family traditions. some of our vendors have been here since our doors opened in 1971! 

We are happy to be able to help in any way, we are here to not only provide a space for your shop but also a place in your heart. 


Who Sells at Mountain Top Flea Market?

We support people just trying to get some extra cash to starting a new business. People with hobbies who want to turn them into income and people who want to share their delicious food. Even businesses who want to move closeout merchandise without having to tie up costly retail space. In other words, anyone with an idea, a product, or a creation who wants exposure to a large number of potential customers without the high overhead expenses of most retail spaces.


Vendor information

Days And Hours

Flea Market

  • We are open every Sunday 5:30 am - 4 pm

  • Our gates open at 5:30 am every Sunday we welcome our vendors to arrive at this time so they can set up their spots before 6 am.

  • Our gatehouse office closes at 3:00 pm

Office & reservation

  • Monday - Wednesday 8-2 pm

  • ​Reservation line Tuesday - Wednesday 9 - 2 pm

  • Saturday hours

    • Gatehouse opens  2-6 pm​

    • Reservation 2- 6pm

Reservation line

Space options

​Rates are for outdoor spaces, approximately 10' frontage x 20' deep

Includes 1 standard (20 amp / 110 volt) outlet

END SPOTS - $20.00

Power is available in certain locations - $9.00

  • Vendors must pay in advance before Set-Up

  • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, canopy..etc

  • Our spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless Pre-Reserved

  • Reservations are Tickets held till Sunday morning - They cannot be paid in advance - you can reserve a ticket by calling the office during hours of operation

  • Reserved tickets must be picked up before 7:00 am on Sunday

  • You can prepay for a ticket by buying one up at the gatehouse every Sunday during the flea market hours of operation for the following SundayPurchasing a pre-paid ticket puts you in the express lane on Sunday morning

  • Prepaid vendors must be on their spots by 8:00 AM. after 8:00 AM Mountain Top reserves the right to sell these spots as day tickets

  • show your ticket and enter the market on Sunday

  • regular vendors can pay up to 4 weeks in advance

Vendor Rules

  1. All displays are to be set to not constitute a hazard to the public, maintenance team, or EMS (roads are not to be blocked) 

  2. Mountain Top reserves the right to prohibit certain items for sale 

  3. Food and Beverages cannot be sold without a signed contract with Mountain Top, Including canned or bottled drinks of any kind including alcoholic beverages. 


  5. Aimo and gun accessories can be sold  

  6. Parking is allowed on able vendor spots

  7. No Fireworks either being sold or used 

  8. No Turtles, Cows, Pigs, Lambs, Goats, or Horses

  9. No Tobacco, Ecigs. Cigars, and Vapor Products

  10. No Tattoos or Ear-piercing on-site airbrush are accepted 

  11. No distribution of religious, or political material without the consent of management 

  12. Vendors must place all dangerous objects such as knives in cases or behind tables

  13. Electric tools with blades must have batteries removed!! Can be brought on premises to provide proof of function

  14. Vendors selling animals must place water in the cage, crates, or pens as well as provide shade during the Hot months. water must be visible to security and market management at all times, vendors who do not comply will be asked to leave the premises without a refund. 

  15. Vendors must clean up their spots and remove all trash and items brought to the market after closing 

  16. Vendors are allowed to leave tables on the premises but must be approved by management. Mountain Top Flea Market cannot be held responsible for loss, theft, or damage to vendors' property or items. 

Food Concessions

The following articles may not be sold:

  • Food or beverages in the concession line except by licensed and contracted food vendors

  • can or bottle drinks including water sports drinks and fruit juices, as well as any iced drinks of any kind

  • Non-concession items such as bread must be labeled with name, phone number, date, and ingredients

  • Produce vendors must clean up their area each week 

  • Do not leave boxes or produce baskets on the road or under tables 

  • Please clean the area before leaving

All food concessions are licensed by Etowah County health department and the state of Alabama and are under contract with the mountain top flea market. Any vendor found selling concession items without approval will be asked to leave the market without a day ticket refund. 



  • Free parking

  • Electricity is provided on select spaces (extra charge)

  • Restrooms

  • Food/Refreshments

  • entertainment 

Promotion of Products, Services, Sampling, Sponsorship of Events, Etc

​Any individual or company wanting to rent a space to promote their product, service, do product sampling, hand out sales literature or certain other activities fall under a different pricing structure. Please contact the Mountain Top Flea Market at 256-601-7190  for more information about promotional opportunities.

Become a vendor today

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