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New Moon Gems And Jewels

Mineral Specimens, Jewelry, Shaped Stone Products and Other Earth Centered Artifacts.

All Stones are Hand Collected by Brad Rapson; Owner and Self renowned Geologist. 

Brad has been interested in gems and stones since his early childhood even digging in his backyard to find unique stones. 


Now in his adult life he has a extensive collection of unique crystals and rocks. Brad travels all over the south to hand collect unique gems for his Jewelry; he has been hand making his jewelry for almost 20 years. so every piece you buy is a unique hand made design with hand selected gem.

When asked what his favorite gem was he struggled to find just one favorite but he expressed "there are just so many awesome ones out there!". but if he had to choose one he really likes Labradorite, the range of colors make each piece unique and he enjoys the way peoples eyes light up when they see the flash in each piece

Labradorite is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.


Brad can do call ahead and custom orders for his jewelry. he can pick pieces for people, or they can pick from his selection of gems and minerals. 

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New Moon Gems and Jewels

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